Talking rhubarb

There’s a theme emerging: I’m surprised by what’s occurring at the allotment. There’s growth! There’s produce! It looks and tastes great! A warm winter gave slugs and snails the opportunity to sleep and procreate rather than DIE. The following spring was dry, punctuated by a couple of cold snaps late in the season. As a … More Talking rhubarb


What a growing season. To summarise, I grew a gorgeous baby who happened to be rather cranky for five months. My allotment duties were seriously limited (I could list them on the back of a postage stamp) and my frustration was, on occasion, overwhelming. Armed with sandwich, flask and good intentions, a trip to the plot … More Progress

New beginnings

It has been quite a momentous spring in the Veggietoots household. Not only have we taken on a plot at a new site, but we have also become caretakers of a two week old human, the latter being the main reason for a lack of posts since last autumn. Sadly, the idea of even harvesting … More New beginnings

Sweet sweet sweetcorn

This time last year I was mortified to find the majority of the sweetcorn husks had been tampered with by birds. Sufficient was the damage that I pronounced it a failed crop, even though it had all been going so well until that fatal avian intervention. Now that I think about it, it’s a miracle … More Sweet sweet sweetcorn

A lot of borlotti

Some time ago, I decided I didn’t like runner beans so much. In full bloom, they are beautiful plants; indeed they are grown as ornamentals in some parts of the world, even the UK in times gone by, but the taste just doesn’t do it for me. This was quite an epiphany for someone who had grown up with them, but … More A lot of borlotti

The b to the eetroot

Hasn’t the weather been wonderful? Wonderful for hanging out at the allotment but er, not if you’re growing veg. So little rain. When it is forecast, and the gloomy skies hint at deluge, they often don’t produce a drop. And when it does finally rain, it’s just pitiful. No use to seedlings, which like to … More The b to the eetroot